1. Khans of Tarkir theory

    The five new clans are combinations of three colours, however they specified that each had a main colour. They also changed the order of the colours on the cards.

    My theory is that since the block is going to be about time travel and change, that once Sarkhan and Sorin have changed the past they will return to the present day where the clans will have the same colours, but their main colour has changed, eg. Abzan’s main colour changes from white-green-black to black-green-white.

    The narrative theme of Abzan is endurance, but make the main colour black instead of white, and then you have a clan that will try and outlast their opponents at any cost.

    This would mean the clans could change, but still be able to be used with their previous support.

  2. radiomaru:

    Hazel didn’t really evolve very much in the design process, but here’s some early sketches of her from 2010-2011.

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  3. syntheticimagination:

    A bunch of previously unpublished fusions (except for the super-fluffy ampharia). One of these is not like the others ehehehe.

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    Penguins of Antarkir by ALRadeck

    This is going to be an SCG playmat for the Khans prerelease! So cute

  6. Again, Abzan or Mardu? Aaaagh, but I look so good as a battle-shaman.


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    Tagged by: meanwhale

    Name: Jack

    Age: 22

    Hobbies: Drawing, card games, YouTube. Although not doing enough of any of them D:

    Favorite food: Garlic Bread. Bread of Garlic plz more also pizza and curry and future diabetes.

    Favorite artist: Wesley Burt, James Jean, Chris Bachalo.

    Favorite show: Yu-Gi-Oh? Not quite sure. Definitely the show that has affected me the most :P

    Favorite character: Yami Bakura. The theatrics of his deck makes me happy. His duel with Bonz is definitely one of the best in the series J

    Pet peeves: Vegetables and bigots.

    Random fact about me: Obsessed with trading card games, and am currently developing my own that I hope to market and create IRL some day J

    I’m tagging: littlepotofjam, talewisesarkhan-volkswageninnistradi-dominus

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    Hello can she be my knight please?

    Viola from Twelfth Night, obviously.

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    Journalists when they want respect, Bloggers when they want to avoid ethics.

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