1. azidraws:

    I did some fanart and humanizations of pixelatedcowboy’s adorable monsters. I love their designs!

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  2. shoutscion:

    Armored Dove is live!

    with an hour to spare, too! 

    i’m always open to feedback, so send me an ask or something if you’ve got anything to say. suggestions, requests, criticisms, out-and-out bugs, that sort of thing


    i just put the page for Armored Dove up on gamejolt, which seems to mean that i just submitted it to the jam


    i haven’t put up the jam build yet because i have just a few more wrinkles to iron out but for the most part Armored Dove has officially spread it’s wings

    like, okay, stop. i want the image in your head to be Dove standing there in her big suit of armor and she’s got both arms fanned out from her body, and the entire radius between her hands and her hips is an enormous array of knives n swords n spears n shit

    like you know the iron throne? imagine that, but Dove is carrying it around for the express purpose of throwing all of it simultaneously at someone

    you know what? fuck it. picture Dove, except Dove has not only picked up but hoisted above her head the iron throne, and on top of it is this massive pile of terracotta undead-then-dead-again guys who have been stabbed on the protrusions coming off the top

    that’s it. that’s the narrative. that’s Armored Dove.


  3. 22bebo said: Just learned that Timbermare is a vanity card with a lovely story. Well done R&D!


    I was very happy I was able to make that happen.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the preview article about it at the link below.


  4. yugiha:

    ᴋᴜᴊᴀᴋᴜ ᴍᴀɪ

    I am too intelligent, too demanding, and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself.❞ ―Simone de Beauvoir

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  5. chocolapeanut:

    /fails at attempt to find a female version for ‘Seto’

    I totally blame kintatsujo and her post for this.

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  6. snarkies:

    Something quick before bed!

  7. fuckyeahillustrativeart:

    by Thomas Buiron “Thoom”

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  8. maariamph:

    I saw a hot lady at a grocery store, kinda trying to remember what she looked like

    Black people are a small minority in Finland and every time you see one chances are they’re really well dressed

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  9. melonjaywalk:

      508x1524mmmm painting of Net / Lan Hikari and text box from Rockman EXE6: Cyber Beast Greiga & Faltzer (2006). Acrylic on Canvas, using an 8x8mm hand drawn grid.


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  10. When an opponent threatens the win, but doesn’t actually have it.