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    Did I ever mention Brom is one of my favorite artists????

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    By Crom! is my joke-a-panel autobiographical comic featuring life advice and spiritual guidance from Conan the Barbarian. It ran from January 2012 to May 2014, and is collected in two books, The Collected By Crom! and Full Colour Cromulence. You can read the archives on WealdComics.com, and grab the books in print and in PDF.

    By Crom! will be tabling with Weald Comics at TCAF, VanCAF, TAAFI and possibly FanExpo Toronto!

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    what’s this?

    dennou coil!!

    I love this!

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    Raina and I are so glad we made the time to travel out to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library in Columbus, Ohio to see their amazing exhibit of Bill Watterson original art! So many classic strips and images from Calvin and Hobbes are on display and you can get up close and really appreciate the craft that went into them. You can also see the whiteout and pencil smudges which are super comforting! One of the show highlights is seeing an earlier draft of some of the classic strips that were drawn before Calvin and Hobbes was picked up by the syndicate. Calvin had bangs!

    Huge thanks to Jenny Robb and everyone at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library for putting this show together. I highly recommend people head there will it’s still up and see this artwork for themselves! There’s also a great exhibit on the work of Richard Thompson and a permanent gallery of comic art throughout history!

    Dream vacation!

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    San Diego Comic Con Promo Planeswalkers #sdcc #mtg

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    modern au - cosette 

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    Can someone identify the Fusion Monster?

    Last Warrior from Another Planet


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    I had a giveaway going for a fat pack, but I decided I wanted to, up the ante a bit.

    I have an unopened M15 booster box waiting for me next Friday, but instead of opening it I decided I’d give you guys a chance! (Before anything is said, I payed a total of 6 dollars for 3 raffle tickets and won,…

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    We go forward.

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    Seto Kaiba animation appreciation - episode 115

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